WinRAR review

If you are looking for the ultimate solution for not only compressing your computer files, but also offering a number of encrypted securities (outside of AES encryption), then there is no other solution of available that can compete directly with everything that WinRAR brings to the table.

WinrarAs close to a “picture perfect” desktop compression tool as you’re going to find today in WinRAR – especially at this price point – and this is the kind of “must-have” piece of software you need to have installed directly to your desktop. Easy-to-use, lightweight, and almost overwhelmingly powerful without ever getting in the way, WinRAR is the kind of ultimate solution you can count on time and time again.

Biggest benefit

Not only does WinRAR offer elite level compression in the creation of instant archives, WinRAR also allows you to completely convert one type of compression format to another compression format without any headaches or hassles whatsoever.

Biggest drawback

Though they offer a 100% free “Winrar light version”, it’s rather handicapped – many of the power features you’ll be looking for are only available through the paid “Winrar Professional” version that you can buy for about $40.

Some of our instant impressions regarding the WinRAR solution

The very first thing that you’re going to notice about WinRAR in general is just how amazingly powerful and potent it is – without ever feeling clumsy, cluttered, or difficult to manipulate. When you’re looking for this type of software solution, usability is definitely one of the most important factors (especially in a corporate environment) and WinRAR definitely scores high marks when it comes to effortless usability.

At the same time, you’re going to be able to tap directly into the default WinRAR file type (.rar), but you’ll also be able to change the default .zip. However, the people behind WinRAR promise that you’ll be able to reduce the file sizes of .rar solutions by almost 30%, giving you a ridiculous amount of compression without any degradation whatsoever. There could be a little bit of a usability issue as far as you’ll need to make sure that those you are sending a file saved with WinRAR are able to open that WinRAR file – but it shouldn’t be that much of a headache at all.

WinRar 2013

Something that really impressed us right out of the box was at the amazing amount of customization and flexibility we had when we were trying to convert and compressed a WinRAR archive. Presented with a seemingly endless amount of options that allow us complete and total control over our WinRAR archive, we never really felt that we were given to many different options (or any options that we can fully understand or grasp) making this an elite level solution as far as we are concerned.

Another little interesting wrinkle that the WinRAR people provide is the ability to delete all of the files that are put into a specific archive, instantly cleaning and decluttering your workspace or any folders after you have successfully accomplished a compression. Some people may not like this setting (though we absolutely fell in love with it), but it’s not a default one – though you may wish to make it a default setting as you move forward.

A couple of negative points about WinRAR

As touched upon above, the only big issue that we ever found with WinRAR is that some people have yet to install it on their computer. And while this mistake can almost always be instantly remedied by recommending they go forward with the “light WinRAR” version, you can also have the option to send a zip file over as well. This may not be as elegant as we had hoped, but it certainly gets the job done – all without too terribly much effort on our behalf.

The other negative that we see and have recognized is that the WinRAR system doesn’t offer the same kind of encryption technologies or protocols that some “super secure” pieces of software do. This wasn’t a major issue for us over there were too terribly many people we know), but it would be nice to see more upgrades and new additions as far as encryption is concerned moving forward.

Obviously, neither of these specific issues are a dealbreaker in any way whatsoever – which is why so many people are universally praising the WinRAR system as the ultimate file compression technology available on the planet today.

Final verdict

If you are looking to create your own custom archives, enjoy your amazing compression capabilities, and have almost total control over the entire system, then WinRAR is the solution for you. If you’re looking for the ultimate in security and encryption, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere – though there are workarounds that you can apply to get the most out of this platform as well.

WinRAR is definitely a recommended install, and something that we cannot imagine going without on our machines.

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